Being Alive is an organization that conducts empowering seminars & workshops for various communities i.e. Students,
Teachers, Parents, Senior Management & other Professionals. We lead our sessions in Schools, Colleges, Institutions,
Business groups & Corporate. We work on people and inspire them to get motivated so that they can give 100% in all areas
& live a life they always dreamed of.
We provide the most valuable & result oriented coaching for excellence, wellness, Happiness & holistic development, having
the expertise to work upon the mental wellbeing of people. As human beings, we have our own barriers and unhealthy
patterns which can block our personal & professional growth.
Highlights of the Workshop

1. Effective listening
2. Positive attitude
3. Altering perception
4. Loving Relationships
5. Work-Life balance
6. Communicating powerfully
7. Performing Leadership
8. Achieving Goals
9. Getting Success
10. Enrolling people
11. Performance enhancement
12. Integrity & Commitment
13. Personal & professional growth
14. Team Building
15. Being Extraordinary
16. Handling stress & anxiety
17. Breaking the barriers
18. Self-belief
19. Power of contribution
20. Laws of the universe