Terms and Conditions

COACHING SERVICES:  Coach Shalini Juneja will provide personal coaching tailored and individualized to the values, criteria, needs, and requirements focusing on goals and agenda that the client identifies.  This coaching will be highly interactive, based on active listening, open questioning by the coach and will evoke solutions and strategies from the client.   

THE COACH APPROACH:  The client’s well-being is central in coaching.  The coach will be respectful of the client’s needs and requests, constructive in providing feedback, attentive to the client’s boundaries, mindful of confidentiality and conflicts of interest, and forthright in addressing such issues if they emerge.     

CLIENT AND COACH’S CONFIDENTIALITY:  The coaching relationship is confidential. The coach will make every effort to honor the client’s confidence and will advise the client of circumstances that might influence the coach’s objectivity or judgment.  The client at own risk or pleasure is free to share the content of coaching sessions in relationship to the client, with whomever the client chooses.  However, any information pertaining to the coach, coaching fee, coaching structure, coaching model or style of coaching is confidential and the Client agrees to abide by this confidentiality clause. 

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST:  Any conflict of interest will be discussed and resolved with the client’s best interests in mind.  If a conflict arises, the coach will identify it and attempt to resolve it with the client.  If the coach cannot serve the client objectively or respectfully, the coach will terminate this agreement. And the balance fee retaining the minimum service charges agreed will be refunded.   

SESSION TIME / DURATION: Sessions will typically last for 60 minutes. The sessions will begin and end on time, unless the client and coach have both agreed prior to the start of a session to extend that session. The schedule of the session will be communicated and agreed upon mutually. 

SESSION APPOINTMENTS: The coach and client will meet in-person, by phone or over skype or ZOOM or via any other medium, as agreed to in advance. Unless an in-person meeting is planned, the client will call the coach at the specified appointment time. Whatever part of coaching will be carried through email, client will take the responsibility of completing on time. 

SESSION CANCELLATION / POSTPONEMENTS: If the client needs postponement of an appointment, he / she must do so at least 24 hours prior to the coaching session to avoid incurring charges for the session.   The same may be done via whatsapp / voice call or email 

CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES:  The client is held to a high standard of responsibility and accountability.  Accordingly, the client is expected to be resourceful and take full responsibility for doing the work and task assigned to achieve the desired results.    

Additionally, the client is expected to provide constructive feedback about the quality and usefulness of the coaching, and be forthright about a desire to restructure or terminate the coaching.    

DISCLAIMER: This is a purely a coaching and educational in nature interaction and the Coach is not responsible for any damage whatsoever that arises to the client. The Coach follows ethics and norms as described by the ICF, International Coach Federation. The Coach is not carrying out any therapy or intervention nor claiming it to be in any way or form a substitute to any medical advice, medicines, religious practices or any other form of legitimate healing modality etc.  The Client has attained the age of 18 and is mature enough to understand the nature of personal education / coaching being imparted in the agreed sessions through this contract. The Client has full right to inform and terminate the contract and refuse to carry any task that is found to contradict or conflicting to the client’s practicing value systems or ethics. The Coach will refund the balance fee in such case.  The results are not guaranteed and neither has the Coach made any such claim directly or indirectly to the client. The client fully and completely understands that results depend upon various seen or unseen, known or unknown factors and the client has been made aware of this fact and by signing this agreement, client is accepting the terms mentioned in this agreement.  

 COACHING SERVICES – OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  This contract is for 12 sessions of duration between 1 hour / session of coaching including initial session and assessment. The agreed fee being paid by the client or authorized person on behalf of client or sponsor of client is for for the coaching sessions, plus a few additional hours for planning sessions, designing the sessions, getting started, assessment, designing goals to be carried over the phone/email /Skype/ zoom for agreed follow up after the coaching session and it is being agreed here that total duration of the agreement is not extending beyond 3 months from the date of signing of this agreement, unless extended by mutual agreement. 

Coaching fees and agreement also includes client’s access to the coach between the agreed sessions by email / phone support as needed by the client as per the convenience of the coach only between 10 AM and 8 PM on working days from Monday to Friday. Coaching fees for additional sessions will be intimated subsequently.