Think of a situation in life when you feel like “no one listens to me”; it gives a bad feeling in your heart and your self-expression goes down. I know you don’t like to be unheard and find it terrible if you have to experience it. You want to explain, give clarifications and think of every possible way to say it differently but all efforts seem to be useless. 

Do you know why people close their ears & shut their mind?

We don’t even realize that sometimes while communicating with others we invalidate them by saying “No, it’s not like that” or “No, I will tell you the right way”. People hate to be invalidated as it makes them feel small and they do not like to give anyone a chance to do that. When we say no to someone we seize the opportunity for the other person to express fully and create a wall between by just invalidating the other person. Some of us have a habit of complaining a lot while talking to others. These complaints can be anything about family, friends, time, money, health, etc. If you talk more about negatives in people and keep telling them how bad they are; you are doing no good for both of you as we all hate to be judged. When you quickly tag people or judge them; they want to stay away from you. Just think of a time when someone judged you; how did you feel? When you give that kind of feeling to others; they will certainly avoid any conversation you and will not listen to you.
“The Three Magical Ways” to transform your communication with people around you that they would not only love to listen to you but also happily accept your ideas & opinions.

1.VALIDATE: whenever you have a difference of opinion; always start with “I get your point” or take permission by asking “can I say something else if you allow me”.

2. APPRECIATE: Learn to genuinely appreciate and acknowledge others. We all love to be appreciated; it creates a strong connection between two human beings. 

3. RELATE: Relate to them from their greatness.People respond and show up in your life exactly the way you relate to them. This can be a wonderful tool to transform relationships and develop strong connections.
Hope this information will help you to improve your communication with people around you and help you to create better relationships in Life…

Please share in the comments section; how do you find it helpful to bring a positive change in your life.